Firbimatic leads  again the Dry-cleaning market at Texcare Asia 2019!!
 The role of the leader is indeed always to present new ideas and state-of-the-art  technical solutions in the dry-cleaning market and once again is pioneering the industry with a new series of dry-cleaning models, which will for sure inspire  others to  follow.
With the PRO series, the machines are completely protected by a fully closed paneling design, following more and more an industrial design style and making the whole working process more safe.
The PRO models  have also the new Touch Screen control system, which has been now updated with the latest software and graphics.
Differently from the past , the Touch Screen control has been moved out from the machine panel and has been placed  in a movable side arm, responding to a criteria of more ergonomic position, reduction of time and efforts, and more easy to reach and to work with.
Today Firbimatic, as true leader in innovation, is definitively bringing the dry-cleaning machine to a higher level!