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With our dedicated commitment to customer satisfaction always in mind, F OMNIA models are available in 15, 18, 25 and 32 kg. (35, 40, 60 and 80 lb.) capacities.

It offers cleaners a highly flexible tool when using alternative solvents allowing for increased levels of production in addition to complying with different international environmental standards. The F OMNIA range has been designed, engineered and successfully tested by FIRBIMATIC for maximum results when utilizing all Class III A alternative and ecological solvents including hydrocarbon, Solvon K4, K-tex and silicone based solvents, with no major modifications required.

Aside from FIRBIMATIC’s constant concern for the protection of the environment FIRBIMATIC too recognizes the importance of introducing concrete, viable solutions to the industry that incorporates technology that is both flexible and innovative.

Introducing the F OMNIA. No more confusion and no more headaches when deciding to change alternative solvents. Due to the technical compatibility there is no longer the need to change or source another machine. Finally, a multi-solvent dry cleaning machine that can work with all alternative solvents!