Due in part to a continuous flow of investments, Firbimatic has continued to significantly refine and develop the quality of its products. Firbimatic has reached achieved a level of technical and commercial superiority unequaled in the market. By the use of sophisticated machining tools and robotics in the manufacturing and assembly of machines the result is a technological superiority and quality that none can match. Firbimatic employs the use of advanced machinery for sheet metal treatments, laser cutting stations, automatic robot welding stations and highly automated machine painting robot. Firbimatic by further investments now has its own facility for the manufacturing of complete refrigeration units by using state of the art technology to assure the highest level of quality.




Firbimatic has now attained an international acceptance and success as it exports its machines to over 130 countries around the world. Due to the high quality of the manufacturing process using the most modern and technologically advanced design, exports continue to increase. Firbimatic is recognized as a world leader and has gained acceptance in the promotion of technology that is designed to protect the environment, around the world.