SAVER machine was made with the use of new Class III alternative solvents, with the advantages to be odorless, environmentally friendly, extremely kind and gentle on your clothes, and with less risk of shrinkage and decolouring of the textile.

SAVER models offer many advantages, such as the reduced use energy and water, the advantage to use a combination of filter and a special decanter tank for powder recovery, which allows to purify the solvent and carefully remove moisture, dirt, and bad odors from the solvent.

These performances allow the SAVER machines to remove the conventional distillation process, with considerable savings in operating time, electricity, and maintenance costs. SAVER production include also a multi-solvent models with two tanks large version LT2 keeping same performance and technical specifications like the version two tanks slim line ST2.

The project has been further studied and SAVER enhanced to achieve maximum savings. SAVER models are presented with a solvent filter composed of a powder filter and a cartridge filter and a decanter tank.

The washing technology is improved due to the using of two separate and independent filtration systems dedicated for light and dark clothing. The SAVER models do not require any external extra source like steam or electric heating system.

SAVER is the perfect solution for small-medium laundries because the small size, easy to manage, and with low operating costs. SAVER take all the technological innovation in this new line, with a new concept like WATER free refrigeration and less energy consumption for an easy installation.