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Firbimatic's new Energy Saving series for dry cleaning

Outstanding performance and energy savings

— 07 / 05 / 2024

In a world where the cost of energy is constantly rising, laundries are facing an increasing challenge: reducing consumption without compromising the quality of washing. 
Firbimatic, a leading manufacturer of dry cleaning machines, has the solution: the new Energy Saving series.

Two models, one goal: savings

Available in two load capacities, 10 and 15 kg, Energy Saving machines are designed to dramatically lower energy consumption without sacrificing excellent cleaning performance.

How does Energy Saving technology work?

At the heart of Energy Saving's success is innovative engineering that makes the best use of resources and optimizes each stage of the washing process:

  • Reinforced thermal insulation: basket, drum and drying tunnel are impeccably insulated to minimize heat loss and reduce energy consumption.

  • Nebulisation washing: the first bath is made with slightly preheated solvent, using the calories produced by the heat pump condenser. This method allows deeper penetration of the solvent into the textile fibers, ensuring flawless cleaning with less solvent and energy consumption.

  • Short and efficient distillation: the amount of solvent used is minimized, which means faster distillation and lower energy consumption.

  • Two-stage drying: the drying phase takes place in two separate stages, with the heat pump working 50% for heating and 50% for cooling. This system makes it possible to optimize consumption and achieve even and gentle drying.

  • Touch screen control: an intuitive interface allows for better management of energy-saving programs, which include spray/nebulization cycles and classic cycles with full bath and filtration.

  • R 134a refrigerant: the heat pump uses R 134a refrigerant, an environmentally friendly, high-efficiency gas that allows the desired drying temperature to be reached without the need for an additional boiler.

  • Water savings: water consumption per cycle is 65-70% less than a conventional machine, an added benefit for the environment and your wallet.

Flawless cleanliness, reduced costs 

Tests have shown that Energy Saving machines provide the same excellent cleaning performance as conventional machines, with energy savings of up to 50 percent.

Invest in the future, save today 

Firbimatic's new Energy Saving machines are a smart investment for all laundries looking to reduce costs, increase their competitiveness and help protect the environment.

Contact Firbimatic to learn more and request a customized quote!

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